How to pay off payday payday?

How to get out of the debt spiral? Will repayment of payday loans significantly affect the comfort of life? Paying debts will reduce the comfort of our lives, so before taking a payday pay attention, make sure you have something to pay it off.



The first step in getting out of debt is to make a plan. Let’s write down all loans and payday loans taken, and answer the following questions; where do i have a debt What is the total debt?

How can I pay back payday loans? Creating an action plan will allow you to look at the situation from each side and look for the best options to solve the problem.

Payday loans


At the beginning let’s try to pay back the payday payday, which is the most expensive. This will minimize costs and get rid of the highest level of debt. The list of payday loans should be prominently displayed, and the deletion of paid debts will motivate further action.

Let’s try to look for income in your home; for example, we can sell jewelry, a camera, TV, paintings or a car (if we can do without these things). We search for high-value items and sell them via the internet.



Payday installments must be paid on time. You can think of asking the lender to split the debt into smaller installments or extend the repayment date. Let’s do it in advance, do not postpone anything at the last minute – the application should be legible and contain the necessary information.

Loan companies want to recover the amount borrowed, which is why they are increasingly agreeing to extend the deadline or divide the amount into smaller installments, so that there is no need to go to court, which will not be beneficial and pleasant for anyone.

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